Rs. 5,442

Product information:

Reactive high-tech sealant that forms a hydrophobic nano seal that is extremely resistant to chemicals and abrasion, providing a lasting seal on all glass, mirror and ceramic surfaces.

Direction to use:

  • Glass must be carefully cleaned prior to treatment.
  • Apply nano glass sealant only to completely dry windscreens or ceramic surfaces with a paper towel and polish until a uniform liquid film is formed.
  • A uniform film is formed (with no droplet formation) after 2–3 minutes.
  • After approx. 2 minutes, polish this film off with a paper towel until no residue remains.
  • The sealant will harden in 15–60 minutes, depending on temperature (the warmer it is, the faster it hardens). Protect from water and further dirt until completely hardened.

Areas to use:

Glass, mirror and ceramic surfaces.

Technical specification:

  • Do not apply to heated surfaces.
  • Not suitable for treating glass in vehicle interiors.
  • Size: 250ml

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