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Breathe easy with MiST™

MiST™ (made in Canada) completely transforms the in-car experience leaving your vehicle clean and free from harmful bacteria.

Product information:

During this unusual time, we are reminded that humans are under continuous threat from unseen organisms. Today, Covid-19; H1N1 and Ebola before that. 

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO)

"Indoor air pollution from biological agents related to damp and mould increases the risk of respiratory disease in children and adults by 50%."

Modern air-conditioning systems trap moisture. This moisture creates a perfect habitat for mould, mildew and bacteria. Spores from these micro-organisms are then blown into the vehicle’s cabin, which can lead to allergies and discomfort.

How it works:

MiST™ is an award winning technology helps restore the quality of air inside your vehicle in 20 minutes.

The service is delivered by nebulizing a chemical solution and distributing it through the vehicle AC system operating in the recirculation mode, thereby contacting surfaces throughout the vehicle’s interior and within the HVAC system.

MiST™ is an award-winning technology aimed at the health of the driver and the occupants.

Benefits of MiST™

  • Kills micro-organisms and eliminates mould, mildew and bacteria
  • Treats the entire air-conditioning system and cabin surfaces
  • Creates a healthier environment for drivers and passengers
  • Quick and simple operation

Areas of use:

Vehicles HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces


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