SK Auto Ceramic Coat is latest enhanced complex formulation, once professionally applied by trained experts, bonds onto and into your vehicle’s paint surface and forms a hardened and long lasting Ceramic coating.

The advanced NASA invented hydrophilic formulation technology helps to shed debris and grime and makes cleaning much easier.

It is extremely resilient to all types of environmental pollutants and damage.

Once applied, it displays exceptional resistance to the effects of car washes, solvents and animal matter. This property helps in order to keep your new car looking newer for longer. This negates the use of waxes, polishes or conservers.


1. Unique polysilazane chemistry.

2. Superior cohesion and adhesion over conventional waxes and polymer sealants.

3. High crosslink density provides excellent integrity to the painted surface.

4. Impervious to solvents including: mineral spirits, xylene, benzene, toluene, VM&P Naphtha & acetone.

5. Cures within minutes.

6. Hardens to 6-9H when fully cured.

7. Hydrophobic properties make treated surfaces easier to clean.

8. Provides effective protection from swirls, industrial & environmental fallout, including bird lime.

9. Controlled ceramic content for greater protection against UV and weathering.

10. Manufactured in the UK.

11. SK Auto Ceramic Coat is approved by 16 major car manufacturers across UK and Europe including TATA.

12. Used by Boeing and hyper-car marque, Koenigsegg.